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Something's happening to me D: - Are you a Hero? The Heroes Rating Community. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Something's happening to me D: [Feb. 4th, 2007|02:24 am]
Are you a Hero? The Heroes Rating Community.




Name: Jen
Codename: Bloop
Age: 17
Zodiac/Birth sign: Cancer
Hair color: Uh dark brown with some reddish tones :D
Eye color: its hard to say...its a weird color. o.o hazel I guess
Likes: video games, anime, manga, cosplay, sleep (when I can get it T_T) sweets, Decora fashion...
Dislikes: many vegetables :P and umm many people in general..waking up and its still dark..ah, and the dentist ^^;
Strong points: Ummm I've been told I'm a good listener..um, I'm not afraid to be myself, even if it means not having any friends
Weak points: I think my biggest flaw is not being able to trust others, even the ones I call friends I can't seem to trust. The fact of the matter is I don't consider anyone a friend in my mind. I'm also too emotional..
Hobbies/Special talents: Writing stories and screenplays...acting..also I have thoughts that seem to become part of the future somehow. Maybe people may call it coincidences, but how many times must it happen and still be called a coincidence?
Hopes/Dreams/Goals: To become a director, or maybe an actor.
Describe yourself in five words: loner, sensitive, dorky, alone, random
Do you want to be stamped as a Guy/Girl/Doesn't matter: doesn't matter



Color: do I have to choose ;_; Rainbowww.
Smell: Hmm..freshly baked cookies ^o^
Food: It varies over time..like once it was waffles..now it is sweet potatoes XD
Place: Somewhere I feel relaxed
Book: I don't know..but I'm very fond of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen ^^
Movie Genre: It varies..just as long as it isn't A Walk to Remember please x_x
Music Genre: This also varies. I can go from opera to techno to rock..to metal..to silly songs from lazy town XD
TV Series: That is currently on air? Heroes, definitly. And Law and Order: SVU



Optimist or pessimist?: Hm..many may say I am pessimistic, but I'm more of a realist with my views. But I can also be a bit of a dreamer liek when it comes to love :P and daydreaming
Impulse or thinking things through?: Thinking things through
Leader or follower?: More of...going my own way.
Friends or family?: ::shrug:: I'm not particularly close with neither as a whole. But I'm close to my mom, so family.
Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: I used to be very selfless..but why bother for others if they're only going to forget you? Self-preservation. >_>
Slow and steady or quick and complete?: slow and steady
Geek or Popular?: Eh this is stupid, labeling is dumb. I try my best to keep away from all people, but the ones you may label 'geeks' seem to enjoy my company. >_>;



If you could become any character from the series for one day, who would it be? Why?: Hiro. It would be nice to stop time. I'm a procrastinator..so XD night before a project, I'll stop time and do it then. XD
Which character do you feel you can relate to the most? Why?: Peter. He reminds me of my old self, wearing his heart on his sleeve and such.
Favorite Hero? Why?: Hiro because he's just so cute XD
Least Favorite Hero: Nathan, he's a typical politician and a bit of a jerk to care more about his work than his brother (sorry I said Peter x_X I meant Nathan)
Which character would you want to take to Disneyland and why?: Hiro :D and maybe Micah, he needs it XD he can pay for it though >_>


Would you...

Kill a man?: Only if it was morally correct to do so from my standards. But I'm too sensitive, I probably wouldn't be able to do it
Steal from someone?: No
Jump in front of a bus to save a little kid?: I hate these kinds of questions >.> you don't know WHAT you'd do in those kinds of situations. You might freeze up. Or maybe you'll know exactly what to do. I don't know what I'd do, so I can't answer that question
Climb into a tree to rescue a kitty?: Maybe..but I'm afraid of heights. I'd probably be the one falling.
Dance for Money?: No


Every day, You wake up and-

Make a plan and outline your daily schedule? No
Wing it and just hope for the best? Yep pretty much
Take each thing as it comes? er, partially yes.



Who is playing DL Hawkins?: Don't know
Name two series that Matt Parkman has appeared in previously: Dunno
Who is Ali Larter (Niki Sanders) Playing in Resident Evil 3?: I don't like the Resident Evil movies ._. I'm into movies and acting..but I don't know these questions >_>; oh well.



If you were on a Desert Island what five items would you bring and who would you take along?: If I had the choice to pick what items to have while on a deserted island, can I choose not to go to said deserted island? You can't just decide what items to have >_>
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?: Be able to go to other worlds somehow. I want to go somewhere I feel I belong, and I don't think I belong on this planet. =_=


Post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

yay for cosplay XD I'm Link in that picture by the way ^^


[User Picture]From: gargyloveswolfy
2007-02-05 02:26 am (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ssashimi
2007-02-05 09:52 am (UTC)
awh you're cute :)
I saw some of Peter, Nathan, and Micah in you, but i'm going to have to say Simone Devariux
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: chibi_ai
2007-09-20 04:38 am (UTC)
Hmm... I think I'm going to go with Simone too... Going off mostly by the morality section... the rest of the application feels a mix of Micah and Simone.
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