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Something's Happening to Me! - Are you a Hero? The Heroes Rating Community. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Are you a Hero? The Heroes Rating Community.

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Something's Happening to Me! [Dec. 26th, 2006|05:39 pm]
Are you a Hero? The Heroes Rating Community.
[mood |accomplished]


Name: Kat Avery
Codename: .. uh.. this is a trick question, isn't it?
Age: 18.
Zodiac/Birth sign: Pisces.
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Green.
Likes: Acting! Especially voice acting. So, Theatre, Music, Artwork--okay, I love the arts. Ilove my friends, and uh, puppies. What else.. I watch anime, and currently, I like BLEACH and Eyeshield 21 the most. I also enjoy writng when I'm not swamped with work, and I'm big on storytelling. ♥ Also, I like to sew.
Dislikes: Uh, really? Not much. I think the only thing that'll genuinely tick me off is if someone were to hurt someone dear to me--or break my awesome camera. 8D .. and I hate pickles. Like, wow. Hate 'em.
Strong points: Erh.. I'm not really all that great. But, I guess I'm a pretty determined person if I want something, and I'm usually very friendly and happy. (when outside of the world of retail. :D)
Weak points: I'm chubby? D: Okay. I don't have confidence as far as my looks go.
Hobbies/Special talents: .. Refer to 'Likes' for that! I act, draw, write, and sing. .. Though, I must admit--I'm a shower singer and nothing more.
Hopes/Dreams/Goals: I am striving to become a stage actress and get into college to take up radio broadcasting. All I really want out of life is to be happy, and not have to live in a cardboard box to do so.
Describe yourself in five words: Happy, Short-tempered, Short, Determined, Talented.
Do you want to be stamped as a Guy/Girl/Doesn't matter: Doesn't Matter!



Color: GREEN!
Smell: Vanilla.
Food: Chocolate. (it's a food, okay.)
Place: Orlando, Florida.
Book: .. I can't choose.
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy.
Music Genre: Any.
TV Series: .. owch. This one's tough. Heroes, of course, but I also love 'Avatar.' .. that's pretty much all I watch when it comes to television.



Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist.
Impulse or thinking things through?: Impulse. .. unless I'm dealing with money. I'm soooo protective of my cash. XD
Leader or follower?: Leader.
Friends or family?: .. both..? Can I choose both? D:
Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: Preservation of others.
Slow and steady or quick and complete?: If show and steady works, then definately that.
Geek or Popular?: .. I don't care, really..? I'd be friends with eith--OH YOU MEAN ME? I'm a geek. Like, so geeky.



If you could become any character from the series for one day, who would it be? Why?: Claire. Because, uh, she and peter have UST.
Which character do you feel you can relate to the most? Why?: I.. don't know. Hiro, I guess, because he's goofy and silly.
Favorite Hero? Why?: I can't choose!
Least Favorite Hero? Why?: Uh, wow. I don't know. I really like them all.
Which character would you want to take to Disneyland and why?: Hiro. Because.. dude, do you know how FUN it would be to go to disney world with Hiro?


Would you...

Kill a man?: No.
Steal from someone?: No.
Jump in front of a bus to save a little kid?: dksfjhadjksfjsd I'd be scared out of my wits, but yes. I have an intense phobia of watching people die, so I'd probably automatically run right out there.
Climb into a tree to rescue a kitty?: Sure.
Dance for Money?: No. How degrading. DDD:


Every day, You wake up and-

Make a plan and outline your daily schedule? Haha.. no. Not really. I do try to plan my food intake. :D
Wing it and just hope for the best? Pretty Much.
Take each thing as it comes? Well, I'd have to, since you never know what'll happen.



Who is playing DL Hawkins?: the VERY sexy Leonard Roberts.
Name two series that Matt Parkman has appeared in previously: ... No clue. I suck. D:
Who is Ali Larter (Niki Sanders) Playing in Resident Evil 3?: Claire Redfield. ♥!



If you were on a Desert Island what five items would you bring and who would you take along?: A boat! With food, CD player for the way back, a raincoat, and possibly my camera. Seeing as I have a bot, I'd bring my friends Christina, Nat, Ren, Mike, and Kayla with me for a party.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?: I'll be unoriginal and say time-space control. I mean, wouldn't it be awesome to never be late and fast-forward through a boring day? But for originality's sake--I'd like to control the earth. Not, you know, the world, but have control of the ground under me to use for attacks or change scenery around. Ahaha. That would be cool.


Post at least two clear pictures of yourself. Oh, goodness. D:

Oh, god! She's a cosplay nerd!

Bleach nerdiness. My ten-minute Orihime costume! 8D


Goofing around in bleach cosplay. Orihime the dork!~


[User Picture]From: vampedvixen
2007-01-09 07:22 pm (UTC)
Totally Hiro!
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[User Picture]From: gargyloveswolfy
2007-01-17 08:26 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: ssashimi
2007-02-05 09:54 am (UTC)
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